Lampaert snatches the win in the wind while I find TV coverage

Cross winds created a layer of stress today that the contenders could have done without. In the end it didn’t create any major drama though a frantic run in left time gaps measured in the handful of seconds.

Yves Lampaert won the stage after bursting off the front under the final kilometre kite; holding off an exhausted pack behind. There was no collective control and so nobody to haul him back in. The ensuing confusion was such that his team-mate, Matteo Trentin, who eased off behind Lampaert when he made his move, still came in second. Adam Blythe of the Irish Aqua Blue squad, making their Grand Tour debut, was an impressive third.

I don’t know if someone was listening when I made my lack-of-Vuelta-on-my-televison rant yesterday, but I found a solution today. It would seem have picked up the Canadian rights and will stream the race through their app. Free for stages 1 to 3 and approximately $16 Canadian for the rest. I can’t sniff at that; $1 a day for live coverage, a full stage re-run, with 30 and 4 minute highlight packages all included. And with Chromecast I can send it onto my television. And no, they are not paying me to advertise this, though if they want to give me a discount for doing so, I wouldn’t say no!

So that’s me sorted on that end. I will get to see the make and break action of this race without resorting to illegal streams on dodgy feeds that are prone to cutting out. Not that some of them aren’t good, but this will serve me better. I don’t mind paying a few bucks for quality coverage.

I did miss today’s stage live though. I only found out about it after the fact. But I did get to watch the re-run, whizzing forward to about the 40km to go mark. And anyway, I was out on the bike today. The weather is too nice to pass up. 115km and home to grab a cold beer followed by a nice glass of wine and see how the 2nd stage of this Vuelta unfolded.

If only every day could be like that, but tomorrow it’s the day job and the decision whether to go on a social media lockdown and avoid the result to watch later. Or to follow along and watch later knowing the outcome. These are the hard decision in life, eh?!


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