Done to death

I have not wrote a lot about cycling lately. There hasn’t been much I’ve wanted to say. At least not on the professional road front. It is early season, but the blanket coverage of the Chris Froome misdemeanor, that now borders on an obsessed desire for his take down, has taken over everything and left a sour taste in my mouth to the point in which I have little interest opening a cycling website to wade through all that speculation and innuendo, to find out what else is going on.

All I will say on the matter, is that too many have had it in for Froome for too long for much in the way of impartial coverage to take place. This will not have been the scandal many in the media will have hoped for, but given it is the best they have got, they are determined to run with it. We’re getting Festina ’98 and Puerto ’06 levels of hyperbole for what is someone alleged to have taken too many puffs of an inhaler. I suppose it is a sign on how far cycling has come. But who cares about that? This is Froome and this is Sky, and here is opportunity, and so to hell with due process. So much has now been written in the speculation in the condemnation realm that the trial by internet has already concluded. Even if he was now cleared, the damage is done. Nobody is going to take back all those opinions. And even if he receives a sanction, the reality of it will be lost in the noise.

I have only one question. One I’ve never seen a satisfactory explanation for:

Why on earth would Chris Froome go two-times over the limit on a substance that has no known performance enhancing gains, late in a race he had already all but won, when he knew for certain it would show up on his post-stage test? I find it hard to believe it was intentional. So like when he took that gel too late in a stage of the Tour a few years back and was handed a small time-penalty, should he receive a sanction here, I’ll struggle to change my opinion on the man is a flagrant cheat in the worst sense of it in cycling. That is unless something far more sinister comes to light as evidence during this process. Yes, evidence and process. A rare commodity in today’s society.

Time will tell though, but that is the last I care to mention it, at least until then. For now I intend to take this site in a different direction, beyond only musings on road racing. But more on that soon.


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