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Yates buries head in the sand while Armstrong takes his cheating to Strava


Team Sky directeur sportif and former team-mate and DS of Armstrong, Sean Yates.

Upon cashing a check made out to him by someone by the name of L. Armstrong, Team Sky directeur sportif, Sean Yates, addressed BBC Radio 5 Live to confirm that he “never saw an indication of anything dodgy going on” during his time as Lance Armstrong’s team-mate (1992-1996) or directeur sportif of the Discovery Channel team (2005-2007).

Yates who would have seen plenty that was dodgy going on given everyone else associated with the team from George Hincapie down to the coffee boy appear to have seen something, claims that all he did during his years managing the team was ride his bike in the morning and then drive the car in the afternoon.

“I used to go out in the morning, go out on my bike, go back, drive the car, and call the tactics now and then, but I never saw anything untoward,” said Yates who sounded more like the school kid who tells the teacher, ‘I saw nuffin’ miss. Honestly. Seriously.’

More worryingly is that Yates is currently the DS for Team Sky, the team of reigning Tour champ, Bradley Wiggins, and the team that professes to be one that is doing it right in 2012 with a tough anti-doping stance. A team that endeavors, apparently, to employ nobody linked to cycling’s dirty past. Is this why Yates is claiming he had something in his eyes at the moment the blood bags came out on the old Discovery team bus? To save his job?

Whether Team Sky choose to investigate further or whether they accept there is no evidence against Yates because he was out on his bike when it was going on remains to be seen. I would like to think Sky could live with Yates still working the sport if he just comes out in the Hincapie/Barry mold and says he was really sorry, that he only ever encouraged clean cycling to the young riders of today, and that he quit the doping game in … what was it? … ah yes, 2006.



I knew Lance Armstrong had an alter-ego by the name of Juan Pelota, but I didn’t realise until today that he had a Strava page under that name and has been delving in a little performance enhancing Strava use. One quick look at the page and you’ll be impressed that he has some 7,998 miles worth of data from this year on there, though dig a little deeper and you’ll quickly see that 3,510 of those, where set on an aeroplane.

What leaving his GPS device running while on the plane might do to his average speed data as well as any segments the plane might have flown over — not to mention the planes in flight navigation system — gives cause for curiosity, and in fact I seen that on the flight he did set one ‘Strava KOM’ record. Actually, he smashed it. As a result Lance’s total distance rode, average speeds, and elevation data is completely skewed by a flight in which he ‘cycled’ those 3,510 miles at an average speed of 153 mph (This includes some actual on-the-ground activity for 153 mph seems very slow for a plane) while climbing a collective 157,570 feet and topping out with a max speed of 1,758.5 mph.

Wait, 1,758.5 mph? What kind of plane was he on?

I’ve heard of people driving their cars up climbs at a solid but not too silly speed in order to control Strava segment records and boost their distances and speed even though it is at times obvious just what they are doing, but using a private jet is as about as subtle as Abdoujaparov in an early 90’s bunch sprint, and shocking that Lance would misjudge it so badly.

See, I know Lance has recently been caught out by USADA despite a career of care with his doping practices along with the backing of a well oiled PR machine and a deny, deny, deny stance, but I’d love to see how they excuse away this one as being a natural ride across the United States in which no aeroplane was used, and that anyone tempted to flag the ride to Strava are simply out on a witch hunt to discredit his legitimate 3,510 mile spin.